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Wooden Ruler With Lettering & Type Reference


This wooden ruler is a combination of practical and beautiful. This is perfect for anybody who is a stationery and paper lover, who also loves good tools!

The special part of this ruler is that it has reference for different types of lettering/fonts. It's nice to have lettering reference when you are creating in your journal, calendars, writing letters and creative projects.
Typeset includes all capital and lowercase letters, numbers, question mark, ampersand and exclamation mark. The lovely thing about typefaces is the little nuances that make a difference in the look of the type. 

Currently typefaces available: Abril Fatface, Courier, Pinyon Script.


  • -100% Wood
  • -Ruler measures 12"/30cm long

Ruler comes with a paper sleeve.

Great for hand letterers, students, sign makers, crafters, artists, or stationery enthusiasts!

Designed in Toronto, Canada by Love Lettering.