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All-Natural Self-Care Package


Give the gift of self-care with this package filled with body products from Oshawa's Aide Bodycare.

This care package includes:

  • One Finger Heart Card or select any of our other A2 greeting cards
  • One 4-oz bar all-natural artisan body soap, handmade in Oshawa by Aide Bodycare
  • One all-natural soothing universal Herbal Salve, made in Toronto by Flowers in the Ointment; great for skin rashes, insect bites, skin conditioner, and more. (ingredients: olive oil, bee's wax, calendula flowers, essential oils)
  • One all-natural Lip Balm, choose from the soothing Flowers in the Ointment lip balm in Spearmint or various options made by Aide Bodycare
  • One Notepad from Gotamago Inc.

Please note: the price of your care package may change based on the products you select.