AM/PM - Half Decaf Roast Coffee Beans


Flavour Notes:

Cocoa / Nectarine / Brown Sugar  

If you’re after a coffee for morning, afternoon, and evening times, for the first coffee of the day and the fourth coffee of the day then the AM/PM blend is for you. A special blend of 50% Burundi Decaf (Rotheca Project) and 50% Cachoeira da Grama for those who prefer less than full caffeine, but just enough gas in the tank to get things done.

Roasted and packaged in Toronto, Canada, by Outpost Coffee Roasters.

*Unfortunately, we are only able to ship this product to Canadian customers at this time. 


The Roasters

Outpost Coffee Roasters is a Toronto-based specialty-grade small batch, craft coffee roastery. While other companies seek to deliver a product that looks and tastes the same at any time of year and every location, Outpost embraces seasonality, uniqueness and innovation, and is proudly part of a movement that treats coffee like a fine wine, not simply a commodity. Outpost celebrates the differences and strive to maintain the uniqueness of each individual crop.