Brazil - Anahi Peaberry Roast Coffee Beans



This naturally fermented coffee comes to us from the Anahi lot of the Cachoeira Farm by way of Danilo Barbosa of DBarbosa Coffee. The family-run business is in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, within the Cerrado, a vast region of tropical savannah increasingly known for its coffee production.

Peaberry coffee is a naturally occurring mutation present in coffee varieties where only one bean is present inside of the coffee cherry instead of two (approx 5-10% will be peaberry). Farmers will then sift out the peaberry coffee beans and package them separately.

Roasted and packaged in Toronto, Canada, by Outpost Coffee Roasters.

*Unfortunately, we are only able to ship this product to Canadian customers at this time. 


The Roasters

Outpost Coffee Roasters is a Toronto-based specialty-grade small batch, craft coffee roastery. While other companies seek to deliver a product that looks and tastes the same at any time of year and every location, Outpost embraces seasonality, uniqueness and innovation, and is proudly part of a movement that treats coffee like a fine wine, not simply a commodity. Outpost celebrates the differences and strive to maintain the uniqueness of each individual crop.