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Makers Story: Love Lettering

Makers Story: Love Lettering

Makers Story: Love Lettering

What inspired you to start Love Lettering?

I wanted to dedicate my life to something I truly enjoyed and that I could build a career and business from. My goal was to be able to spend as much time with my daughter as possible, be creative and have fun while making a living.

What is your favourite outcome that came from starting your business?

I love having the ability to drop everything at any moment to tend to family life. But I know that this only works as I am not a procrastinator by nature.

Everything you imagine and dream of is possible. To achieve those goals there is always sacrifice. Just be clear on what you are sacrificing for, and make sure that reason is an honest one and a sustainable one.

What is your creative process in designing and producing your stationery?

I design everything for myself, things that I want to see in the world, and I hope that others find it beautiful and useful too.

It's really easy to want to do a million things and creatives have so many ideas, but it's important to focus on 1-2 ideas and follow through to see if they work or not, or you will end up having 10 half-ideas, none come into fruition.

Where do you see Love Lettering in 5 years?

I hope that I am still creating and designing new products to add to my lettering lifestyle. I hope to have a second art exhibit at some point, and also hope to be teaching and inspiring the next generation to love lettering as much as I do through my book 'Extraordinary Hand Lettering' and my online course 'The Lettering Lifestyle'.