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Anchusa - Recycled Decorative Wrapping Paper


This striking Risograph-printed paper features a bright, wild, floral pattern that pops off the page in green, fluorescent pink, and orange inks.

The gorgeous botanical pattern was designed by @LeonardoCreative_Studio (have a look at his Instagram for more exquisite botanical artwork) in collaboration with Milk Thistle. It depicts the native Mediterranean wildflower Anchusa Crispa, once commonly seen throughout France and Italy, but now endangered as its habitat has become restricted.

Made to be used, these papers can serve as posters, to wrap small gifts, as scrapbook, journal, or home decor paper, for bookbinding, collages, or whatever project your imagination can dream up.

One small sheet goes a long way! The pattern shifts across the page, making each cut unique.


  • 11 x 17 inch flat sheet
  • Risograph printed with soy-based inks
  • 30% post-consumer recycled kraft paper
  • Made in Guelph, Ontario

Due to the recycled content and risograph printing process, we embrace small variations and imperfections! Each sheet is individually inspected for quality.

Please note: this item is only available in-store or online for pick-up.

Made in Guelph, Ontario by Milk Thistle Paper Co.