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Auntie's Rez Surprise -- Children's Hardback Book, Signed by the Illustrator


Auntie always greets Cree in Nehiyaw when she comes for a visit. When Auntie arrives with a surprise gift hidden in her bag, Cree can’t wait to discover what it is. The first clue? It’s from the rez. As Cree tries to figure out what it might be, the bag starts to move. Cree is thrilled when the bag opens and out jumps a rez puppy!

Cree asks Auntie how to take care of the new puppy. Auntie talks to Cree about the importance of dogs in their culture. They are our relatives, she explains, and need to be well taken care of. Cree decides she will name her new puppy "Atim", the Nehiyaw word for dog.

Signed by Ellie Arscott, the book's illustrator!

"Auntie’s Rez Surprise showcases the importance of Elders and how their teachings honour the beliefs and values of Indigenous culture. The retelling of these values through stories, allows the wisdom to be passed on to Indigenous youth.... Highly Recommended."
CM: Canadian Review of Materials

 Second Story Press Indigenous Writing Contest 2021 - Joint winner

Written by Heather O'Watch. Illustrated by Ellie Arscott.