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Curious Nature - Colouring Journal


Colour and Explore Majestic Butterflies, Crystals, and Mushrooms!

Inspired by nostalgic memories of days spent observing and learning in the science classroom, this colouring book is filled with interesting and unique specimens for you to colour. From pretty crystals and funky mushrooms to elegant feathers and beautiful butterflies, you'll find over 350 illustrations full of intricate details.

Follow the helpful colouring tips and tricks to create realistic illustrations that express light, shadow, and texture, or experiment with color schemes and fun designs to create fantasy-inspired illustrations from your wildest imagination. Along the way, you'll also learn fun facts about science and nature, like how to tell a mushroom's age or the difference between a moth and a butterfly.

Created as a collaboration between a former elementary school teacher and an artist, this beautiful book will bring back memories of days spent discovering and spark your creativity as you enjoy colouring these curious objects of nature.

Kayoko Sato is the owner of Kirarasha, a shop that sells mineral specimens and other science-related goods. Kayoko Sato previously worked as an elementary school teacher and science club adviser. She loves performing experiments and reading about science.
Satoko Sasaki is an artist who works under the name Sasakisa. She specializes in manga and watercolor illustrations inspired by nostalgia, natural science, and fantasy.