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Makers Story: Allie Sweeting

Makers Story: Allie Sweeting

Makers Story: Allie Sweeting

This month, we're featuring Allie Sweeting!

After years of creating fun, quirky pop-culture apparel; Allie announced she will be closing her business to focus on a new creative chapter. Keep reading to learn more about her work and what she will be persuing next! 

Your work is known for quirky pop culture references. What inspired you to create fun apparel?

My designs were born out of a love for film and television, specifically comedy. What started as a fun craft for myself became a business when the people around me actually wanted what I was making. This seems like a similar story to other creatives I have met along the way. I basically just made what I liked which may or may not be good business advice.

What is your favourite outcome that came from starting your business?

I think before I started my business, entrepreneurship was this scary thing that was for other people and definitely not me. The last few years have given me a lot of confidence I didn't have before. Like, yeah, I can do hard things. Why not? Also, meeting other really awesome creatives.

You've decided to close your business to pursue other goals. Could you tell us what's next for you creatively?

Over the last few years I have been running a business in tandem with going to film school, making my own films and learning how to write for TV. At this point I have to let one go so I can pursue the other full time. It's definitely bittersweet and also scary, but I am closing my shop to become a full-time screenwriter.

If you were writing a screenplay about your life, what would it be called?

'How To Disappoint Your Mom: An Artist's Life'
I'm kidding (kind of).


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