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The Underdog Espresso Medium Roast Coffee Beans


The Underdog is Outpost Coffee's house espresso blend, featuring coffee specially chosen to deliver a sweet and syrupy espresso. They tailored this blend to put a modern twist on the classic espresso. The Underdog is a blend composed of coffee beans from all three of the major growing regions: Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia. The Roasters at Outpost Coffee continually taste and adjust this blend and each of its components to maintain the balance of flavours. 

Regarding the Underdog, Outpost Coffee declares: "We’re not claiming perfection: we’re pursuing it. No matter what beans are in season, The Underdog will remain a sweet, syrupy, and balanced espresso blend that is delightful with or without milk."

Roasted and packaged in Toronto, Canada, by Outpost Coffee Roasters.

*Unfortunately, we are only able to ship this product to Canadian customers at this time. 


The Roasters

Outpost Coffee Roasters is a Toronto-based specialty-grade small batch, craft coffee roastery. While other companies seek to deliver a product that looks and tastes the same at any time of year and every location, Outpost embraces seasonality, uniqueness and innovation, and is proudly part of a movement that treats coffee like a fine wine, not simply a commodity. Outpost celebrates the differences and strive to maintain the uniqueness of each individual crop.